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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  July 5, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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it's that simple. >> reporter: prosecutors sitting in silence, bewildered, desmaid. judge we're disappointed with the verdict today and surprised. because we know the facts and we put in every piece of evidence that existed. >> reporter: the identities of the deciding jurors a mystery of the the judge barred the release of their names giving them the option to contact the media on their own. >> the 12 jurors have declined to talk to you. >> reporter: the defense team said this is what justice looks like. >> you can not convict someone until they've had their day in court. >> that was jessica stone reporting there. the verdict stunned many people who have been following this case. facebook and twitter both blowing up with reaction today. in fact, hundreds of people think that casey anthony is guilty of murdering her daughter. the defense attorney ted williams is here to help us make sense of the verdict.
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thank you for joinings. >> my pleasure, shawn. >> what do you think of the jury's decision? did the prosecution fail to make its case? i think, fro, there are shock wave -- first of all, there are shock waves going throughout the country. i think the prosecution overtried this case. listen, they could not show the actual cause of death. yet they wanted to stick the needle in the arm of this young lady and the jury was not buying it, shawn. >> many of us who watched the case on tv, we saw and heard things that the jury was not privy to. often the jury was out of the courtroom. doing, you know, that may have had an impact or do you think, as you said, the prosecution overtried the case? >> reporter: think actually, they overtried the case. i don't think that the collateral information out there would have made one bit of difference. they could not show premeditation, they could not show deliberation, they could
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not show how this child died. shape, i was out -- shawn, i was out in this courtroom last week o wednesday of last week when my client, brandon sparks, the son of the meter reader testified. i got a chance to look at that jury. that jury was very intense and intent and tentative and listened to the evidence and came down with a decision. the question is: did casey anthony or -- kill her child or was it an accident? we may never know. what we do know and what the public wanted to do and this is what they could not do and what jose baezel to the jury. you can not decide this case on emotion if you decide yet on emotion, she's guilty, she's guilty. but if you decide kid -- it on the evidence, the evidence that is not there, you must find her not guilty. >> if you break yet downing
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like that, it makes sense. in all fairness, you're a defense attorney and you're used to defending people who played devil's advocate on the other side. for those of us who are seeing, first of all, here's a mother who didn't report her daughter missing for 30 days and there are so many circumstantial things. and many people are asking what was the jury listening to? did they not hear that part of the evidence? yes, you're right and let me be very clear, shawn. circumstantial evidence cases have won out on many occasions. in this occasion, when you have cindy anthony taking the stand and saying that she's the one who looked for the chloroform and chloroform was something they said they found in the body of the automobile where the remains were supposed to have been and when you lis tonight fact that the meter reader, when he found the skulls of young, the remains of
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young caylee anthony, that he himself said he took his meter reading stick, stuck it in the eyes of that skull and moved it. and then you have the medical examiner get on and say yes, i believe it was a homicide by virtue of the manner in which that skull was there but, the scene had been compromised by that time. reasonable doubt, there was reasonable doubt, unfortunately. unfortunately, justice was served because i do believe, and i think if the country believes, that when a child is missing for 31 days and the mother doesn't know where that child is, that clearly the mother could be implicated. >> clearly the case is not over yet. casey anthony, we know, will be sentenced on thursday. what do you think in she'll get time served because she's been in jail now for two years? she's been in jail close to threiers and is facing the four felony counts -- i stand to be corrected, four misdemeanor counts of lying to law enforcement. i think the judge is going to allow her to walk and i don't
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think she'll spend other day in jail after thursday. all right, a lot of very, very emotional cases you said nationwide. defense attorney ted williams, always good to see you. thanks for coming in. my pleasure. our coverage of the casey anthony murder trial continues. go to to see the reading of the verdict again and we want to know what you think about this controversial case? look on facebook and post your comments. >> a virginia mother has been indicted in the death of her two-year-old son. he was found unresponsive in the family's minivan. karen murphy is accused of leaving her son ryan in the van one day back on june 17th. murphy found her son strapped in his car seat around 4:00 p.m. the child was reportedly last seen alive around 9:00 a.m. that day. murphy is charged with murder and child neglect. and we have a news alert that could make for a rough commute on i-66. a truck hauling hey caught fire in fairfax around 4:00 this afternoon. the driver pulled over when he spotted the smoke.
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the -- block the westbound lanes which won't reopen for another hour and virginia state police urging commuters to find alternative routes. westbound traffic being detoured at route 123 and the truck driver was not hurt. new developments today in the corruption probe in prince georges county. leslie johnson is stepping down from the county council following her guilty plea. the wife of former county executive jack johnson admitted in her resignation and submitted it today and it's not effective until the end the months. and that is not sitting well with the couple. >> reporter: brian, leslie johnson has three more weeks on the job. today, the county council made sure it would be difficult. leslie johnson took her seat on the prince georges county council long enough for roll call. >> miss johnson. >> good morning, president. >> reporter: the council member who pleaded guilty last week to obstruction chance abruptly walked out before the council
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met for nearly two hours in closed session. johnson's seat was empty as they announced her resignation effective july 31st. >> thank you. unhappy she will remain on the job until then and continue to vote. the prince georges county council has a body called for the immediate resignation of leslie johnson. >> reporter: johnson and her husband, former county executive jack johnson, are awaiting sentencing in the federal corruption scandal. some found her refusal to resign immediately troubling. >> i think we should have the special elect as quickly as -- election as quickly as possible. >> these things don't stop at one person. if show had three weeks to stay on the payroll, won't you? >> reporter: johnson famously stuffed nearly $80,000 in her bra and flushed a $100,000 check down the toilet. bribes her husband took from developers. >> that cloud is terrible, you know, it's hard to, i guess, be affected with that over your head.
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>> reporter: by law, the council can't force johnson's resignation sooner or cut off her salary, but they put the squeeze on. the couple as a body agreed to re-- council as a body agreedfo restrict all other funding to the district 6 office, included and not limited to the use of the county car, county council parking, cell phone usage, grand expenditures and discretionary funding. >> reporter: johnson took responsibility for her actions after last week's plea but some want more. >> as a resident of this county, it would be nice if she would offer an apology, at least an apology. >> reporter: whether she's sorry, johnson didn't say, leaving the building before anyone could ask. johnson's staff in district 6 will be paid, but they must report to the couple administrator. -- council administrator. during the time johnson remains in office, she'll be paid about $7,000. shawn? >> and just last week, johnson said she would not resign until sentenced. what -- do we know what changed her find? >> we can assume based on what we heard from the folks on the
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couple and the county executive, technically by law, sheik have stayed on the job in october when formerly sentenced and convicted on the felony obstruction charge and created a lot of outrage and medical, several council members and the county executive began dealing with her immediate resignation and there was too much pressure to ignore from what we could tell. brian? >> all right, thank you for. that. reaction to leslie johnson's resignation has many of you fired up. kar richard greenfield error error writes not good enough, this should be effective immediately and jackie turner writes should never ever have been allowed to take the seat. glad she's stepping down. we want to know what you think. join the conversation, like and post your comments. developing news from capitol hill. congress has less than a month to raise the debt ceiling or the u.s. may default on its debt the first time ever. president obama spoke minutes ago calling on republicans and democratic leaders to come to
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the white house for a meeting this thursday to hash out a deal. the sticking point taxes. the democrats insist spending cuts include higher taxes for the wealthiest americans and fewer tax breaks for oil companies. but republicans want deeper spending cuts and no tax increases. targeted at church, the hunt is on for the thieves who struck at three local houses of worship. the victims, parishioners at sunday services. we're going to break this down for you next. and an annual fishing trip ends in tragedy. at least seven men missing at sea after the boat cap sized. how long will the crews continue the search? first, a quick check with gain. >> thanks, brian. >> hot today, humid on the other side. and the return of some humidity, the thunderstorms in the forecast as well. we'll take a first look at the forecast coming up. stay with us. >> looking forward to that humidity, gary. see you in a few. fox 5 news at 5 continues after this. [ mr. clopper ] i don't talk to them as much as cindy does... good morning chickens!
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[ jim ] you know, that's our business so we want to be the experts in chicken. we're not the status quo. perdue is the first and the only chicken company to have usda-process-verified programs for fresh all-natural chickens.
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[ jim ] this is an all-vegetarian diet, no animal by-products, no animal fat. [ joe ] we never have used steroids or hormones of any type. it's not gonna happen. [ joe ] and always raised cage free. we set our goals higher than anyone. we're trying to make a better chicken. [ jim ] my dad did, my grandfather did and it's what we do today. >> sunday morning church services are supposed to be a sacred time for the congregation to come and worship. instead, members of three vienna churches were violated when someone stole their wallets and purses during the service. paul wagner is live with more on the investigation. paul? >> reporter: vienna police so far have no suspects. each separated by a mile and a
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half. whoger pulled this caper did it without being noticed. some time between 10:30 and noon sunday, someone slipped inside the vienna presbyterian church and made off with a wallet that belonged to a church staffer. a church official said whoever took the wallet was able to access an area of the building offlimits to the public and a mile and a half away, someone made their way inside the church and swiped the purses and another purse vanished from church of christ. >> this is unusual on our -- in ouren to for this to occur. it's especially disheartening. the churches and you feel secure and in that environment, may be your belongings and things are not going to be tampered with or stolen. >> reporter: so far, none of the stolen items have turned up
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and no one's said there was any suspicious behavior. >> it's sad. you figure someone goes for a house of worship and the last thing they should have to be concerned about is becoming a crime victim. >> they declined to comment on camera. >> and police are looking for help tonight. if you're in or around any one of the churches and. >> something suspicious -- and if they're lucky, can find surveillance video. >> thank you. >> and. look at this. an suv bloomed a house and police arrested the two-year- old driver and she hit two parked cars, crashed through a chain link fence and into the
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back of the house. >> everything happened so fast and some everything collapsed and i know i'm going to die now. >> and i heard this loud crash, which was an accident on the street. >> and -- i opened the door to the back room and was know there suv in my dining room. >> and that driver is accused of driving under the influence. folks in arlington are trying to clean up the mess mother nature made over the long weekend. strong storms and high wins wrecked trees and property in a few areas on sunday night and a thousand homes don't have any power. >> reporter: i'm at the williamsburg boulevard neighborhood in north arlington
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and few are complaining, though because of the number of trees. if we turn the camera, the houses on that side of the street, the you utility poles are in the backyard and they can't get to them easily to repress the broken poles and they brought in this enormous crane which extens over the highway patrol and that is why this restoration operation is taking longer than usual. >> it's a storm that blew through at 6:00 p.m. on sunday was ferocious -- ferocious and brief. >> i remember looking out and things were swirling. the wind was swirling and it was just loud as heck for 30 secs to a minute. >> the storm lasted longer and the bust, what jeff it was, was about a minute. and i thought the heavy hail or something and i was going to
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look outside. when i looked outside, i saw it, trees everywhere. >> reporter: big trees. trees that tore down power, telephone and cable lines. so many trees that 44 hours after the storm, some streets were so completely blocked and that slowed down power crews from dominion, virginia. it was not just trees damaged, windows, cars, and buildings were smashed by the falling trees and jay williams was in the upstairs bathroom when his wife called everyone to the basement. he would have been crushed by the falling tree had he not moved instantly yo and that went through where i was. >> where he was standing. >> a few secs before. >> and when -- the house, we were -- my son, we were carrying him and was on the stairs running down the basement. >> reporter: there is significant damage in three floors of the williams' house, but they feel lucky no one was
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injured yet may take five months for them, but they alive and there were no injuries either. at the peak, 11,000 homes were without power in this neighborhood and it's less than a thousand homes without power and dominion virginia said because of the workers you're seeing live right now, all of the homes in this area should have power by 10:00 this evening. brian? all right, thank you, john. and that is quite a scene out there. >> they're packed with punch and some of the folks are going to be without power until 10:00. are they going to suffer through the heat? yo and that is going to cool off. the humidity has not been stifling and i don't it's going to be stifling tomorrow or thursday, but it's going to be higher and you will feel the humidity more and let's show you the radar right now. most of us are dry now.
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the only thing i can find is a little bit of shower and thunderstorm activity that is over in southern delaware there and they're headed towards the shore. as you can see, that is breaking up and within the last hour or so. technically, there is still a chance of an isolated shower or thunderstorm and that is looks like most of us will stay dry. 91, dulles; fredericksburg, 93; baltimore, 91 and in up to, keep degrees and it's is:00, an isolated thunderstorm possible and again, the majority of us won't see anything. 88 degrees at 7:00; 84 at 9 and over 80 degrees at 11:00. winds about five to 10 and a better chance of thunderstorms and showers through the
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weekend. >> thank you, gary. >> rescuers are looking for any sight of two missing americans two days after the boat capsized off of the mexican coast. a storm upended the boat on sunday throwing dozens of tourists and crew members into the water. 16 hours later, searches and fishing boats found survivors clinging to coolers in rescue rigs. the group was on an annual 4th of july fishing trip. one of the survivors called his wife to tell her he was safe. >> and basically praying for his life and help. >> it's possible more survivors are out there said the mexican capitan -- cap. the water is warm enough that they could sorry view of for days. the health of patients at risk. the fox 5 money team following a nationwide drug shortage tonight. what does it mean the next time you need medical help. what is next for dominique
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strauss-kahn? another criminal complaint filed against him today and the new york housekeeper accusing him of rape is taking new action tonight. the details are still ahead. 
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>> new accusations against the former imf chief. another woman claims she sexually assaulted her. earlier, a french author filed a sexual assault compaint. she said he tried to rape her in 2003. he's charged with trying to rape a new york hotel maid. last week, prosecutors said they had doubts of the maid's charges. meanwhile, the made filed a lawsuit that she is a prostitute and denies the claim. roger clemons' perjury trial gets underway tomorrow. he is accused of lying to congress by saying he never used steroids or hgh during the career. the trainer is the star witness for the prosecution and claims
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he injected clemons. today, the federal judge said he will probably not allow clemons' former teammates to testify. the trainerup jected them with performance-enhancing-drugs. and a disturbing cell phone hacking case in london. the news of the world tabloid is accused of hacking into the phone of murdered 13-year-old millie dowler after going missing in 2002. a serial killer was convicted in her death. the lawyer claims an investigator for the tabloid listened to her phone messages and deleted some and that gave police and the family hope she was still alive. the news of the world editor had no knowledge of the hacking. the paper is owned by news corp. are they running out of medication? a nationwide shortage is hitting some hospitals pretty hard. the fox 5 money team is taking a closer look at what it means for patients here coming up next. >> and the countdown clock is ticking tonight. nasa will retire the space shuttle fleet when atlantis
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lifts off on friday. there is something that could keep this mission on the ground. fox 5 news at 5 is coming back. s
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>> imagine if you or a loved one needed a critical drug to find out it's not available or in supply. melanie alnwick joins us to explain what is going on here. >> reporter: the shortages have been going on for several years now. the number of druga effected has tripled, reaching into every corner of medicine. pharmacy shelves across the country have more empty spaces these days, spaces that should be filled with important medications. >> it's a tight market. >> reporter: jeff is the director of pharmacy operations for children's national medical center. >> if the child needs certain
5:31 pm
electrolites in his iv and they're shorting we're scrambling. >> reporter: drugs for cancer, heart infection, diabetes and adhd are experiencing shortages. 211 last year, perhaps as many as though hundred medications by the end of 2011. the american society of health system pharmacists is keeping track. >> just about every drug is effected. a little more than half in productions and in terms of keeping up request quality issues. >> and fewer manufacturers to pick up the slack. some drugs are discontinued if they're not profitable to make and others get hug up in the regulatory process and usually alternatives are available but doctors say it complicates how they treat their patients. >> that is a manor issue when -- somebody who is ill. >> reporter: the doctor supplies in pediatric diseases. >> it complicates things and
5:32 pm
that is because we have everything out of the standard of care and have to be veg last. >> reporter: in the pharmacy at children's medical center, it means finding ways to reduce waste. >> and there is some overfill from the manufacturer. we looking at alternate ways to repack it so there is no waste. >> and preserve every precious drop until supplies are plentiful again. doctors i spoke with said people shouldn't panic but to talk with doctors about alternatives and possible side effects. >> and how is the problem being addressed? >> reporter: one complaint that doctors have, they don't know ahead of time a shortage is coming. the american society of health system pharmacists is trying to give the fda authority to require manufacturers to go of the advance notice of shortages and is looking at incentives like tax breaks to keep the companies working that are no
5:33 pm
longer profitable. >> and longer to metro this morning, none of the escalators at the foggy bottom stop were working. by sep a.m., one was fixed and right now, two of the station's escalators are still out of service. we're told that one should be up in&running some time on wednesday and the other is expected to be out of service for another 10 days. >> and meantime, systemwide there is a pretty hefty number of escalators not working. 81 of metro's 507 escalators are broken, about 16% of the system's escalators. >> we invite you to help us monitor metro. if you see something wrong or something not working right, take a picture and send it us to. s in is suing a former astronaut. edgar mitchell true in the apollo 13 and was the sixth man to walk on the moon. a federal lawsuit claims that he illegally tried to auction off a camera he used during his 1971 lunar mission and nasa
5:34 pm
claims it's their property and he claims he got permission years ago from nasa. the countdown clock started today and atlantis is scheduled to blast off at 11:21 in the morning. they will deliver supplies to the international space station on a 12-day mission. nasa's weather officials say the launch could be delayed, though, because of a 60% chance of thunderstorms on friday. and we have a consumer alert now for anyoning about changing their looks and of about you dye your hair or buy the lipstick, preview a new you with a virtual makeover that requires a cell phone and here's more. >> reporter: you want to change your look in a snap? try a new hairdo or go from blond to brunette to redhead and how about a makeup makeover? that is on your i-phone, ipad and-by- >> i touch and it's free. >> you have all of those options expert selected for
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picking new books and it is having a makeover in your pocket. >> reporter: here it is in action. you snap a pick of your face and pick what you want to change. >> once you settle on a hairstyle you like, try any hair color that interests you. blond, red, brunettes and also have some makeup shades that are fun to play with with. >> reporter: and don't worry, guys, the makeover app works for you, too. >> not just for the ladies, guys want to try new haircuts and looks and whether -- and. >> reporter: the company created the app for women and whip -- men who want to experience different looks without making extra trips to the beauty counter. >> pem want to try a new look without going for the risk of a harcut they hate or a lip stick costing $30 that they don't love. we created this app to test something before they invest in
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it. >> reporter: the company's also created a virtual manicure. snap a pick of your hand and pick your polish. it's called daily glow nail polish app and is free. >> the polishes are what you can find at the salon or drug store and it's really useful tool for giving nail polish a test run. >> reporter: whether you want to try jessica alba's long dark hair or jeeca simpson's platinum treses, you can do that with a finger. once you found the perfect look, post the new you to facebook or twitter to show your friends. diana rocco, fox news. the rumor mill is working overdrive tonight. is arnold schwarzenegger ready to pay up for that infidelity? we're following new details on a possible divorce settlement. >> and a runaway horse leaves cops on a eight mile chase. next. 
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>> imagine driving down the highway and seeing this resulting by next to you. ohio police chased a runaway horse saturday. the 7-year-old arabian named jaba escaped from a farm in lauren township. officers boxed the horse in. that didn't work. the horse ran for eight more miles before the owners decided to bring it in. the owners are going to make sure he can't escape again. the continuing saga of the emperor pension win stranded 1800 miles from home. new zealand's department of conservation is managing the bird's scare. after four medical procedures, they report the penguin is doing well. there is a disagreement on how the birds will get back to antarctica. the recovery of the penguins
5:41 pm
could take months and there is plenty of time to work out the details. the heat and humidity fighting for a comeback. how will the workweek shape up? hopefully nicely. >> gary has the full forecast next. and they're keeping pretty busy in canada. prince william and dutches catherine will be headed to l.a. the 61 in place to keep the couple safe are still ahead. t not that long ago,
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many families were priced out of an overheated housing market. but the times have changed.
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get the facts at it's a great place to see all the listings in thousands of cities and towns. with lots of houses to chose from and down-to-earth prices the dream of owning a home seems more attainable than ever. find out what an experienced re/max agent can do for you. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today. >> we're following news on the developing lockout. retired nfl players are suing the league and the current players complaining the retired players were excluded for the negotiations. hall of famers frank o'harris, mark allen and carl eller are named as plaintiffs in the suit and they claim there is a conspiracy to depress the pensions and benefits paid to retirees to maximize salaries
5:45 pm
and benefits for current players. >> the first season of the capitals and they're in southwest d.c., they're on the waterfront and everyone's really excited about it. tonight, they're going to take on the kansas city explorers, they're the defending champs in team tennis. even though they're playing kansas city, what everyone is talking about is the return of venus williams. venus -- venus williams looked cool. the singles champ is playing for the castle for the second straight season. prior to the lope appearance in the nation's capitol, she hosted a youth clinic.
5:46 pm
>> a lot of kids are here and i get to know them a few times a year. of course, i'm going to try to win for washington and that is not easy. i will try to win today. >> reporter: to say venus has an impact on kids is a monumental statement. >> i love your volley. >> we're shaking right now. that is really, really good. i'm excited. she said she him play a few more, so, it's really exciting and it's like really surreal. my idol is calling and -- oh! that is a lot of motivation. these kids are motivating for me. i was in their situation once and in the 80s and i remember really wanting to impress her and shower her whattic do. it's funny it's full circle and
5:47 pm
i'm in that position and that is showing how much team tennis gives back and i love being a part of it. >> venus william his a limited schedule this year and played 10 matches due to injury. she lost in a round of 16 at wimbledon and is currently ranked 34th in the world. we'll have highlights tonight as the castles in k -- kc from a steamy washington, d.c., and southwest on the waterfront. back to brian, shawn, and gary mcagreed. it's about 114 now -- mcgrady. it's about 149 here. >> by the water and that is -- that is right. >> i had it at 116. 114, that is something. oh. thank you, feldy. you are used to it being hot. you're from texas. >> exactly. >> and not sure what part of texas. >> a dry heat, right? [ laughter ] >> oh. we didn't play tennis in tech text. too hot. >> too hot. >> you stayed inside? at least i didn't play tennis. >> all right, let's talk about the forecast the rest of the night and into the workweek.
5:48 pm
heat and humidity? yes. this summer, billion line. more humidity coming in the next few days -- billion line, more humidity coming in the next few days. why it's not oppressive and what we haven't had much today, thunderstorms. you can see one of the clouds on the left side of the screen and some cumulous clouds trying to build up and haven't had anything at all. i guess technically speaking, there is a very, very slight chance that one of the parcels of air that is rising finds its way high enough to create a thunderstorm and more than anything, we're going to be dry here and there is a couple of thunderstorms out by the beach in southern delaware there, making yet over to the shore, rehog another rehoboth, bethany, ocean city and if you haven't gotten rain. you can see it to the north of you. maybe hearing the thunder here. here's the forecast for this evening. again, just an isolated thunderstorm and no more than that. and that is just basically
5:49 pm
meaning one or two somewhere in the viewing area is possible. it remains wrong this evening, clouds at 84 and 81, some clouds at 9:00, 84 degrees and 11:00, so look at that, 81 degrees and that is going to be a very, very warm evening, a mild overnight and the wins just bare liable to give you some -- barely able to give you some relief. i have five, 10 miles an hour at times. it's 89 here, frederick is 93, and that is the warm spot out there right now. fredericksburg is moment; annapolis is not bad and cooler by the water. temperature of 86 degrees either side of the bay. the temperatures generally in the mid-80s and higher there and the real high temperature, the real hot stuff where you would expect out here in the central plains, down through texas, dessert southwest, 102 and that is looks like we'll warm up the next few days and didn'ten -- doesn't mean we're
5:50 pm
going to be impressively hot. it looks like next week we can begin to tap the heat. the temperatures will be in the mid-90s for a time. it looks like the humidity will come back a little bit and be more oppressive the next few days and towards the end of the week, we'll get a break and the weekend is good. and still a boundary on top of us and that hasn't moved much, north or south and it's red and blue, red and blue, red and blue and this means stationary front and that is not going to move a lot. the thunderstorms by the beach, that is right or long this boundary and i suspect any chance or better chance of a thunderstorm this evening and that should be south and east along this boundary and we have enough stability from the high pressure here from the distribute to the north and west and that we're going to be dry.
5:51 pm
there is a chance overnight tonight that this will move more to the north and with that, we can possibly get a shower here or a shower there and man a thunderstorm over night tonight and that is looking like it's to the south. south of the boundary, though, hot and homed and that is connect -- humid, and that is kicking off thunderstorms. there is a chance again, a slight chance of a spotty shower or a thunderstorm around that boundary overnight tonight and as it moves up to the north a bit and mid-60s for the suburbs, mild in town and lower 70s. look what we're thinking for tomorrow, a spotty shower possible around sunrise and 88 already hot at noon and again tomorrow afternoon, a spotty thunderstorm or shower is possible as the temperature approaches 90 degrees. i don't believe there is a chance of thunderstorms tomorrow as much greater than today and we'll only have a few. thursday, we should have widely
5:52 pm
scattered storms and that frontal system comes through. the weekend looks real nice j. okay. >> lower humidity and the temperatures in the upper 80s. >> liking the sound of that. >> perfect. and if week keep yet that way, it will be fun. and thank you, gary. it's official, maria shriver filed for divorce from arnold schwarzenegger, citing irreconcilable differences. sources say the former governor is prepared to give her, quote, a very generous divorce settlement, possibly more than required. he is worth up to $750 million. do you the math. in california, it's 50/50. shriver's been offered more than 15 million alone and an advance in a tell-all of her life from growing up a kennedy and being married to schwarzenegger and his affair. prince william and his new wife will visit l.a. later this week and they wet on need to worry about security. harvey ref sip in l.a. what is the -- ref know is in
5:53 pm
l.a. what is the security scoop for the royals? >> reporter: they're not having only locals but state department security as well and they have gone door tow door, shawn, and basically told neighbors surrounding the homes where kate and william are going to be telling them if paparazzi steps on their property, to immediately call the copies because they -- cops because they will immediately arrest the photographers for trespass. they're serious in keeping a tight rein here. >> wow. and move on to actor andrew keith ap. i understand he had a crazy encounter with police on saturday. witnesses say officers tazed him and officers denied it. there is video now. what do you think? and we got the video. it's crazy. this happened in marina del ray, california and it's a beachside community. there have been gang problems in neighboring areas. the police were there in huge numbers over the weekend. andrew was having a party, it was loud and lots of music.
5:54 pm
the cops came andel to him to turn it down. he started speaking up to the cops and the next thing you knew, he was on the ground. you hear on that video, the sound of what sounds like a tazer but the cops are telling us that they did not taze this guy. there are witnesses that say they did and what we're told is that sometimes with cops, they will fire it and you will get a warning sound and that may have been a warning sound. you heard a tazer and it was absolute pandemonium. >> all right, crazy out there and has beeny l, vex -- levin, thank you very much for joining us. the art world is mourning the loss of an american participator who died in rome after a long battle for cancer. he's known for his large-scale abstract pantings and drawings, some which fetched millions in auctions, he was 83. >> an emotional trial comes to a dramatic end and we're leave in florida with the reaction to
5:55 pm
the not-guilty verdict handed top. and the corruption scandal that plagued prince georges county far from over. at 6, why leslie johnson may not be the only council person involved. and the debt ceiling debate about to hot up. president obama's taking matters into his own hands. 
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>> a love letter from a teenage boy these days, how much is it worth? considering it's from michael jordan, let's take a look. one of the nba's legends first loves is demanding to know who stole the letter from her? she didn't know it was missing until seeing yet on tv and the website last week. jordan wrote the letter to her 32 years ago when they were in an advanced chemistry class. reports claim the sports auction house pulled the letter and the picture of the couple
5:59 pm
for thousands of dollars in 2004. >> mine, it was personal. it was private and for them to take something that belonged to me and to capitalize off of it without my knowledge or permission. it really upsets me. more than anything, i wouldn't want michael to think that i did it. i won't want him to think i would betray him in this way. >> show suspects a family member took the family member and is vowing to take -- vowing to take legal action. >> the news edge at 6 starts right now. not guilty, the casey anthony murder trial comes to a dramatic end. we're live in florida with reaction to the stunning verdict. and the debt ceiling debate. and stepping down, leslie johnson resigns and is


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